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“An unshakeable reminder that the best theatre should come from the heart… Spitzer caught us off-guard with poignant references to his family and his fears. It was in these moments that Noah gained our sympathy-without ever asking for it- simply by telling us the truth. But before the audience could break into uncontrollable sobs, he’d pick us all back up again, with the snap of an imagined latex glove and the hijinx of two clueless post-operative attendants. The entire piece was a carefully-crafted blend of heart-wrenching and hilarity.” –Victoria Beales, The Strand

“There are so many layers to this young man’s performance. He is a poster boy for life, not for cancer, and he is joy unleashed on the stage. I flat out loved this show!” 

–Jim Murchison, The Charlebois Post 


“My Second Smile…was a really good time. Excellent comedic timing, acting and even dancing…Noah commands a large presence, and really captivates the audience.”

–Tasha DiLoreto, Mooney on Theatre

To Kill A Mockingbird at 

Young People's Theatre 

"All three actors, all adults, are excellent at playing children without any clichéd behaviour.  Spitzer conveys the two sides of Jem’s character – the one who takes his protective role as Scout’s big brother seriously, and the other that is still a little boy just as impressed with rumour as she is."

- Christopher Hoile, Stage Door



“A warm, moving, and very funny show.”

–Leah Cherniak

“Spitzer talks with his eyes. He is genuine in his demeanour and thoughtful with his words. His show, clocking in just under an hour, is simple—and that’s what makes it work…My Second Smile is both funny and heartbreaking, taking a very sincere and relaxed approach to the subject of being sick. It’s effective, demonstrating Spitzer’s talent both as an actor and a playwright.”

–Sara Harowitz, THIS Magazine


Hana's Suitcase:


"Caroline Toal (Hana) and Noah Spitzer (George) put in lovely performances bringing these two children of the Holocaust to life and making the bond between the two of them a memory to cherish."

-CurtainsUP, Montreal

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