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Audition Reader and Coach


Whether you need a last-minute reader for a self-tape or a full blown hour of coaching, Noah can help you put your best take on tape!

"Noah is hands-down my go-to reader whenever I receive a self-tape. He is flexible, present, and has the utmost patience during a session. Anyone can feel confident with him on the other side of the camera as he is a classically trained actor who understands text, genre, and how to deliver a live and spontaneous performance. Additionally, he's a fantastic teacher! He's very open and communicative. I appreciate the levity he brings - it simply makes self taping more fun!

'Out of the many selftapes we have done together over the years, this one stands out: I was on set in Hamilton since 5AM, decked out in full military gear. In comes an audition at 1PM, 4 pages of sides and requesting an authentic accent, due that day at 8PM. I’m mentally scrambling at this point. Do I shoot this in my trailer? What if my accent is rusty? Should I just decline? What project is this anyway?! Thankfully, I wrap in time and in the commute I text Noah if he is available to help and sure enough he meets me as soon as I am back in the city and we work for an hour. I’m learning the lines on spot, brushing up the accent, shooting… The entire time I felt 100% supported and surprisingly, not stressed at all. I ended up booking the part. And the film turned out to be one of the most successful superhero films of the year. Couldn’t have done it without him! Literally." 

-Lisa Truong


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