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Noah can be booked for in-school workshops and performances. His solo show, My Second Smile, has been performed in schools in Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto. It is recommended for ages 13 and up. 




This “one-boy-show” has wowed audiences from age 12 to 90 with its exuberant energy and positive message. The play is a comedy, but the true story it depicts is not: when he was 16 years old, Noah was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. For fear of being pitied and of the stigma that can come with a cancer diagnosis, he kept his cancer a secret for almost five years. The play chronicles his journey through diagnosis, surgery, treatment, and recovery in a non-linear, creative and highly physical way. 



My Second Smile enhances the learning and provides a jumping off point for educators in many core classes, including Drama, Dance, English, Health and Physical Education. Furthermore, the universal themes of resiliency and positive thinking are of paramount importance to all students. Having the chance to ask questions after the performance allows students to learn more about the details of Noah’s experience, including the social stigma that a cancer diagnosis can create. By providing a safe and open environment, Noah is able to make the topic of cancer a little less frightening to discuss.




“Noah’s presentation was a springboard for numerous educational connections.  The creativity in performance and writing were great examples for the students, and the courage and perseverance of his personal journey exemplified the learning skills we all hope our students will develop to be successful young men and women.  The performance was entertaining and thought provoking.  We moved from laughter to tears, and many reflected on the strength of Noah’s engaging, energetic, physical performance.  The question and answer session was informative from acting technique, to creative process writing, to personal reflections and connections.  I highly recommend this very special experience for all intermediate students and teachers.”

 –Bernadette Taylor-Dolha, Intermediate Drama Teacher and Winner of the Toronto Star Teacher Award, Bay Thorn Public School (YRDSB) 


“There are so many layers to this young man’s performance. He is a poster boy for life, not for cancer, and he is joy unleashed on the stage. I flat out loved this show!” 

–Jim Murchison, The Charlebois Post 





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